Our Services


Do you require a network? We can design and install networks of all scales. First of all we will work out your requirements and then build the network around them, whether it be a small back office document server or a highly virtualised server farm, we design and build to your requirements. Our preferred virtualisation technology is Microsoft Hyper-V which comes as standard in all Windows Server operating systems, combined with other advanced storage technologies we can create large-scale highly available server deployments, meaning your business will never be offline. We also recommend Ubiquiti networks for your network hardware, with Ubiquiti’s disruptive pricing model you can have an enterprise grade network without losing the finance department. The Ubiquiti UniFi line of products are highly scalable, so whether you start off with one access point and progress to 100, UniFi can handle it.


Need a helping hand? We can support end users and network managers alike, adapting levels of explanation for each user. Maybe you already have the network in place, that’s no problem, we can takeover the management and install proactive monitoring so issues are fixed before a ticket is even submitted! We can also provide scheduled engineer site visits, monthly, weekly or even daily. Alternatively we can provide remote support to your internal IT staff using phone, email and remote access tools.


At Hosker Technical we are big supporters of the G Suite system. This enables you to easily collaborate using their powerful suite of tools. We are also technical partners with 3cx meaning that you can run your PBX on an existing windows server or if you don’t want the management you can run it in the cloud. This also allows you to have remote extensions, so you can have a phone in the office and a phone at home. Meaning that when someone rings your number in the office it can auto transfer to your home extension.


We can build powerful content driven websites, from basic one page static intranet sites to more complex dynamic CMS powered websites. Our CMS of choice is WordPress and we can tailor the solution to meet your requirements using plugins and custom code. WordPress also has a nice easy to use interface meaning that anyone in your business can edit the site and add news or blog posts. We can also take full control of your domain names and manage your DNS for you, so you never have to worry about making changes.


Do you require a database? We can develop completely bespoke database systems using Microsoft Access with Visual Basic for Applications code. Microsoft Access is generally installed on most computers as part of the Office suite, this means that the application is readily available without having to be installed on every users computer. We can develop using Visual Basic for Applications which extends the functionality of Microsoft Access greatly. Access provides a very easy to use interface and efficient development tools, meaning we can have fully featured solutions ready in weeks.

Remote Working

Constantly using USB sticks? Tired of running out of space and corrupted files? We can use a range of technologies to make sure you always stay connected to the office, it will be like you never left your desk. Our collaborative systems are all available anywhere in the world, for example our 3cx VoIP systems can work at the office and home seamlessly.