Welcome to Hosker Technical

We can design and install custom networks suited to your requirements, whether it be a small single site wireless upgrade or a large complex multi site server farm, we can do it.

Already got the infrastructure and just need day to day support and maintenance? Whether you are a small business or a large school we can takeover the management of your systems and make sure they are always running at their best!

Editing the same document? We can install a range of collaboration tools, whether it be an internal intranet site or a complex application suite.

Need a custom website? We can design and develop websites of all scale, whether you just need a simple one page landing site or a more complex e-commerce site with point of sale integration.

We can develop custom lightweight yet powerful databases using Microsoft Access with Visual Basic for Applications code.

Remote Working
Working from home? We can offer a wide range of remote working solutions so that you have a reliable and secure connection with all your files just where you left them, like you never left the office.